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United States
Not much to say, average person just trying to make a living off of what i love doing. trying to surround myself with positive people.
And always looking for people to talk to =^.^=


This one is personally my favorite out of all of them XP 
DogSandwich character for Bellion from here…
Art mine
character belongs to DogSandwich 
Name: Tuk Ragnorak
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Dominant Hand: Left
Location: California
Birthdate: August 21, 1997
Ethnicity: Caucassian
Age: 19
Physical: not overweight but huskier
Hair color: Main white, tips black-brown-yellow
Face: rounder smaller shape
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 200lbs
Eyes: Red, bigger
Nose: smaller, rounder
Mouth: Bigger bottom lip, thinner upper lip
Skin tone: pale white, but tans easy
Most notable feature: hair
Other: Open stomach, ADHD
Clothes: Casual, Baggy
Voice: Like a raspier Harley Quinn
Possessions: screw gauges (4), regular earing (4), lip piercings (3), belly button piercing, bone earing, a ring
Quirks: playing with earings, ears and hand pads/toepads when nervous
Hobbies: Painting
Personality: Firey, spirited, loud, energetic,
Good traits/Strengths: caring, sweet
Flaws/Weaknesses : can be extremely loud, too caring, very emotional, gets very clingy
Doesn't enjoy: really hot or cold weather,  Shiney things,
Enjoys: beaches, surfing, water, swimming, shade, summer breeze, palm trees, moonlight, autumn
Fears: being ignored
Optimist: at least tries to be
  -feels more than thinking
  -perceives more than judge
  -more extroverted than introverted
Fatal flaw: to trusting
Instincts: very intune with surroundings
Opinions: can be extremely opinionated
Fav. colors: oranges, yellows, reds, white
Least fav: pastels
Fav. foods: ribs, oranges, mangos and peaches
Least fav: Veggies
Fav. activity: hanging out at the beach
Least fav: being stuck inside
Fav. place: warm, sunny places
Least fav: cold dark places
Fav. possession: a simple ring, with a single gemstone in it, given to her by Ghost
Fav. music: upbeat lively
Least fav: Country
 -Family: Red Bonez
 -Friends: Red bonez, Ghost, Iris, Castiel, Whisper, Koda, Celeste, Caramel, Willow, Hades.
 -Best Friend: Iris
 -Met: Tuk and Iris met when they were younger, Tuk was being bullied and Iris beat their asses and has been with Her through all the shit that has happened since.
 -Enemies: Fenrir, Ziel/Viper, Astaroth
 -Partner: Ghost
 -Met:Red Bonez and Iris introduced them
 -Stage: Engaged
 -Type: Romantic
 -Why good together: They're able to be the opposite of what's bad in the other
 -Why bad: extremely dependent
 -Clash with: Astaroth
 -Close with: Iris, Ghost, Red Bonez, Whisper
 -Marital status: engaged
Backstory: trouble controlling ADHD and the target for bullies



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